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Miss travelling?

Our consultants and friends share their travel memories as we stay home this year,
and hope for a better 2021 where we can continue our adventures!

Working from home

Working from home

Work/Working from home ("WFH") or a hybrid of working in the office and from home has become the new normal.  Is it sustainable in the long term?  Would it compromise one's career prospects?

We speak to Kay Pang, Senior Director & Associate General Counsel, Global Markets Compliance Officer (APJ, EMEA & LATAM) of VMware, a mother of 2 kids and who has been WFH for more than a decade, about the ins and outs of remote working.

I believe you started remote working from 2008 while you were with HP - why and how did this happen? 

It started with a necessity.

Your top questions this season answered!

Your top questions this season answered!

COVID-19 hit us all like a brick and understandably, some candidates are anxious about their jobs and have reached out to find out more about the hiring scene. In this post, we give our take on some of the common questions we have been asked…

How’s the market?

Hiring was brisk in 1Q and early 2Q when COVID-19 first hit our shores.

However, with no abatement in sight, coupled with disruptions to global travel and supply chains as well as US-China tensions, companies seem to be taking a more cautious, “wait-and-see” approach.


“It all stems from the fact that there are those of us, given our circumstances in life, who are well placed to speak up for those who can't do so for themselves and I feel that if I don’t do it, then who would?”


ItsRainingRaincoats (IRR), a social initiative set up in 2015 to raise awareness of migrant worker welfare, has been in the spotlight in recent times.  Dipa’s journey with IRR started from a single act of kindness to some workers trying to take shelter from the rain (watch it here on TedX Today, apart from distributing snacks, food, essentials (including raincoats!), IRR has launched the Mad Wish program (where volunteers teach English) and collaborated with the Singapore Medical Society of Ireland to produce a mental health booklet in several languages.

Surene speaks to IRR founder, Dipa Swaminathan about her roles as a lawyer and social activist.

You must have your hands full, especially in the last few months. How do you juggle your work as an AGC at Singtel, family and IRR?

I think everybody has multiple interests outside work - mine happen to be with migrant workers, so whatever spare time I have, I give to this.